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10 Characteristics of An Easy-to-Use Interview Recording System

“Easy-to-use” is a key objective 100% of the time in an interview recording system. Time and resources are scarce, so it’s critical to have system that just works and requires little to no training.
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How to Identify Opportunities for Video Recording and Observation Software [An Integrator’s Guide]

A video recording and observation system is a video recording and observation software paired with audio/video equipment to create an integrated solution. We put together this guide for you, audiovisual integrators, to...
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University CIO's Need to Lead Implementation of Clinical Video Platforms

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Video Recording and Observation System for OSCE Preparation

Preparing for an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is resource intensive. At a minimum you recruit and train examiners and standardized patients, book and prepare space for your circuit of stations, and...
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