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9 Key Benefits of Holistic Video Observation and Recording Platforms for Educators

Educators and institutions increasingly turn to technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.
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Integrating Video Capture Technology into New Building Plans for Colleges and Universities

Integrating advanced technology into new building plans is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
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10 Benefits of Leveraging Video Technology for Enhanced Focus Group Observations and Consumer Insight Research

In the realm of consumer research, the integration of video technology in focus group settings and usability testing unveils a myriad of benefits that transcend traditional observation methods. This innovative approach...
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Top 5 Reasons to Use Simulation-Based Training

Have you ever wondered why those in healthcare should do simulation-based training? According to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, “Simulation is a technique that replaces or amplifies real patient experiences,...
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Healthcare Simulation Learning: 5 Benefits of Video Capture Systems

Healthcare Simulation Learning: 5 Benefits of Video Capture Systems Simulation learning is an essential element of training for healthcare providers that offers an immersive, reviewable, and repeatable learning...
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