Using A/V Technology to Reduce Turnover in Higher Education

Audio/video technology helps address job-related turnover in higher education as institutions face growing pressure to increase enrollment and decrease the number of employees and services offered. Employee retention is...
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Staffing and Retention Issues Become Critical with The Ongoing Nursing Shortage

Nursing directives find incentives and continuing education result in improved new nurse retention. Why? Because new nurses often wish to serve their communities to the best of their abilities and educational incentives...
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Making the Case for an Audio/Video Solution in Your 2023 Budget

The decision to buy a video recording and observation system is more than choosing features and toolsets, it’s about improving reputation, revenue, and Return on Investment (ROI). So how do you convey this value to your...
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One Stop Shop for a Video Solutions Tool

Have you considered purchasing a video system for your business, learning environment, or hospital? Whether it’s for work, education, or patient care, research is required, and decisions need to be made.
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