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Healthcare Simulation Week: Spotlight - Katie Kunnen & Jessica Manning

For the last day of Healthcare Simulaiton Week we are double dipping. The spotlight is on two wonderful individuals. Katie Kunnen, Associate Professor at Calvin University and Jessica Manning, Immersive Learning...
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Healthcare Simulation Week: Spotlight - George Johnson

Thursday's spotlight we sat down with George Johnson, Simulation Technician at Ashland University College of Nursing and Health Sciences.
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Healthcare Simulation Week: Spotlight - Sarah Luyet

Wednesday's spotlight we sat down with Sarah Luyet, Simulation Operations Specialist & Simulation Co-Coordinator at the University of Central Arkansas School of Nursing.
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Healthcare Simulation Week: Spotlight - Stephanie Edson

Today's spotlight we sat down with Stephanie Edson, Director of the Health Professions Skills and Simulation Center at the College of Saint Mary.
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Essential Tech Support for a Simulated Environment

Simulated environments play a crucial role in education, training, and research across disciplines. Simulation spaces enable immersive experiences that mimic real-life scenarios. They offer value to individuals and...
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How to use technology to improve the physician shortage?

In recent years, a shortage of physicians is one of the most significant barriers for healthcare facilities to make care more accessible and cost-effective. A report released by the Association of American Medical...
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ROI for Simulation

Many of us have heard about Return on Investments (ROIs), which is a metric to understand the profitability of an investment, but how many of us have seen the ROI for simulation-based training within healthcare? An ROI...
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How to Start a Private Practice?

Did you know that 47.4% of practicing physicians are employed while another 45.9% own their own medical practices?
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How to Facilitate Better Technology Adoption in Your Organization

Is your organization lagging behind on technology adoption? If so, you could quickly be swallowed by your competitors. Depending on the nature of your organization, technology could function as an enabler of greater...
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How is Patient Information Kept Safe?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted by the 104th U.S. Congress and signed into law on August 21, 1996 by then-President Bill Clinton. The act is far-reaching in its impact, and...
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Why Simulation Training is So Important (and How It's Evolving)

Increasingly, colleges, universities, and workplaces are relying on simulation training to educate and prepare their students. Thanks to better technology, simulation training is easier and more accessible than ever...
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What’s Going On? When to Use Video Encoders for Comprehensive Video Capture

Most training, simulation, and research scenarios that require video capture for observation or evaluation of participant activity also include participant interaction with the display of a computer workstation, laptop,...
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Make a Difference: Learn CPR

If you follow the NFL you probably heard about Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills defensive back who had a cardiac arrest on the field while playing against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2nd.
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