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IVS will be exhibiting at ACCTA 2022 Conference

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) is excited to be exhibiting our counseling and clinical video software at ACCTA this September in Seattle, WA.

ACCTA (Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies) is dedicated to promoting growth in doctoral psychology internship training within university and college counseling centers. The organization aims to provide interns with professional competencies in health service psychology in college mental health settings, enhance the learning experiences through advancement of methodologies and technologies and seek best practices in training and supervision.

This year's theme: Standing on Shifting Sands: Navigating our Counseling Center Crisis as Trainers
(Balancing Values, Beliefs, Cultures, and Practices)

We will be exhibiting our VALT software, a video audio learning tool, that has been used by many existing counseling centers. VALT is a purpose-built platform to help improve skill development, training and engagement through video. As well as help improve research efforts to better understand patient's needs.

VALT makes video observation and capture simple and secure for psychology. The solution is customized to programs workflows giving admins advanced management and teaching capabilities. Including scheduling features and viewing from multiple cameras and rooms, with user/group permissions that help keep patient and student data confidential, and intuitive feedback that helps identify specific areas of need.

The USC Psychology Services Center trains PhD students and prepares them for their career in Psychology. One of the reasons they required a video system was so the Center’s supervisors could observe the PhD student’s services and provide them with high quality feedback after reviewing their recorded sessions.


What separates VALT is the superior architecture. Limited points of failure with a centralized platform that can stream and record up to 60 cameras from one piece of hardware. Stackable units that can be made scalable to grow as your program does. All observers need is a network connected device to watch custom views of any session from a browser.

We understand that video software and hardware is just one small piece to creating better outcomes for better mental health practices. Come talk to us at our booth and discover how our experience can help collaborate with you on the solution you need. Our service and installation teams will work with you to discover your workflow and processes, ensuring your system creates a lasting impacts.

Go beyond the technology to find out why service is the foundation of successful solution. 10 Service Offerings Checklist to expect from an A/V Capture Provider.

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About Us

Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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