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IVS will be exhibiting at EDUCAUSE 2022 in Denver, CO.

Intelligent Video Solutions is excited to be exhibiting at EDUCAUSE 2022 in Dever, CO. October 25-28th.

Educause brings together the largest community of technology, academic, industry, and campus leaders advancing higher education through the use of IT. The annual conference showcases the best thinking in higher education IT.

Providing speakers and networking opportunities to meet with professionals and technology providers to help advance and grow professional to find better solutions to your academic technology challenges.

During the show our Co-founder and CEO Kevin Marti will be there for a personalized 1 on 1 meeting to discuss your organizations AV system needs and how VALT adds value and support for your IT team. Schedule your meeting with Kevin by clicking the link here.

We will be showcasing our premiere audio video tool, VALT. VALT can advance and centralize an organization's observation and recording software platform which is purpose-built for research, training and developing skills in education environments. All departments can utilize one system with VALT.

Download our Check-list to find the 10 service offerings you should expect from an AV provider: Click Here

VALT helps users improve learning and research through video. A simple and secure platform that not only helps students learn but provides administrators enhanced video management.

VALT’s centralized platform means more control, with less hardware and less points of failure, so your system works how you want it, whenever you need it. Manage one system for your entire organization with VALT, as one server can handle up to 60 cameras over multiple rooms.

As your organization or different programs grow, VALT can be scaled to to grow with it. Unlimited users and stackable servers that give you a concrete A/V platform for the entire organization.

User permissions provide secure control over what content individuals have access to, and what type of access they have. Manage permissions for groups and individual users.

VALT is a purpose-built for your workflow. End users don't have to compromise as different instances in the same organization can be customized with templates and data fields help organize and index video content specific to each process, so finding and managing video content is easy and effective.

We work with you to implement and design a system that works best for you. We come on site to install and provide training. We offer continuous service and support which is what customers love most about IVS. Offering 24/7 support along with new training for new features or new users.

For more info on EDUCAUSE including schedule, presenter, and agenda click here.

Visit our booth at EDUCAUSE to learn more about how IVS can implement a video solution that gives you the control over your entire organizations AV solution. Schedule a demo with us today to see VALT in action.


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Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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