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IVS is excited to be exhibiting at the ABMS Conference 2022

Intelligent Video Solutions is excited to be exhibiting at the ABMS Conference 2022 in Rosemont, IL on September 21st -23rd.

ABMS Conference is an annual event on the certification of health care professionals, with a focus on assessment, improvement, professionalism, and professional development. There will be 37 in-person sessions and including live-streaming with the virtual registration option.

The American Board of Medical Specialties was established in 1933 and is the leading not-for-profit organization the oversees physician certification in the U.S. They develop educational and professional standards and programs of assessment to certify physician specialists dedicated to improving the quality of care to patients. Covering more than 40 specialties and 88 subspecialities.

This years show features a special live streaming Lois Margaret Nora Endowed Lecture that will focus on how Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) can positively impact and improve patient care through better procedural skills training. This will include an in-depth discussion with Three featured panelists will discuss the need to implement Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME).

The lecture’s focus on learning through outcomes and real-world performance in medical education is a perfect example of why we are exhibiting our audio/video software, VALT. VALT enhances learning and skill development for future healthcare professionals by improving the review, assessment, and structure of video in competency-based learning environments. VALT can be utilized to improve healthcare education in simulation-based training, peer evaluation, clinician-patient interaction.

Download out E-Sheet on how VALT improves Competency Based Medica Education: Click Here

VALT helps students better retain information through self-reflection and increased engagement. A simple and secure based platform that not only helps students but helps educators and administrators. Scheduling and feedback features increase teaching efficiencies and free’s up valuable resources.

VALT’s centralized system means more control and less points of failure, so your system works how you want it, whenever you need it. User permissions provide secure control over what content individuals have access to, and what type of access they have. It’s also purpose-built for your workflow. Customized template fields help organize and index data about student, class, session type, etc. so finding and managing video content is easy and effective.

VALT provides improved learning outcomes for healthcare professionals ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients.

For more info and schedule on ABMS Conference click here.

Visit our booth at AMBS 2022 to learn more about how IVS can implement a video solution designed specifically for your learning environment. Schedule a demo with us today to see VALT in action.


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