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Intelligent Video Solutions will be exhibiting at the AOTA Conference

This year, the AOTA Annual Conference & Expo will be hosting its annual conference in Kansas City, MS from April 20th-23rd. AOTA brings together thousands of occupational therapy professionals and students in one central location, and many companies that provide services or products related to occupational therapy will be exhibiting. 

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) provides numerous opportunities to learn and engage with professionals and topics in occupational therapy. There will be a pre-conference virtual event, speakers throughout the show, and workshops and short courses on scientific research panels and tech labs. All sessions provide attendees the latest evidence-based research and knowledge to improve occupational therapy outcomes.

Not to mention, AOTA's Inspire platform is an online community that connects people with occupational therapists and each other to provide support, resources, and inspiration. The platform is open to anyone looking for information or support related to occupational therapy and includes features like discussion boards, a resource library, private messaging, and expert advice.

Intelligent Video Solutions will be exhibiting on our premiere software, called VALT, designed to help trainers and educators in various fields, including Occupational Therapy, improve their training and observation processes.

VALT allows users to capture and record video and audio during clinical sessions, as well as annotate the footage with custom markers for quick and detailed feedback. This makes it an ideal tool for occupational therapy training programs, where debriefing and evidence of hands-on experience and observation are critical components of the learning process.

Intelligent Video Solutions will be exhibiting at the AOTA conference, where attendees can learn more about how VALT and other video solutions can be used to improve occupational therapy training and observation. Please visit our booth and we will answer questions, provide demonstrations, and discuss the benefits of using software and other accessories.

Overall, the AOTA conference and the Inspire platform are valuable resources for anyone interested in occupational therapy. Whether you are a practitioner, a student, or someone seeking therapy services, the AOTA and its partners are dedicated to promoting and advancing the field through education, advocacy, and community building.

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Why Visit our Booth?

See our premiere observation and recording software platform, VALT, in action. Learn how a purpose-built platform for skill development, research, and evidence-based sessions provides better outcomes for occupational therapy.

VALT can support dozens of cameras and microphones simultaneously freeing up observer resources. A simple platform that makes scheduling and managing videos quick and easy to use. The VALT software provides annotation/mark features to identify important points of reflection for debriefing and evidence documentation. 

Learn about ROAM Solutions. From mobile carts that include a PTZ camera or a tablet for flexible video capture and observation through a space. As well as ROAM portable that includes backpack and tripod cameras that can be positioned throughout a training environment for video capture.

Discover BEAM our video software mobile app. Designed to work exclusively as a mobile add-on to your VALT software for recording and streaming video wirelessly.

Click the link below to download our A/V Guide and find out how the right audio/video capture solution enhances behavior health training and development.

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Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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