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Intelligent Video Solutions will be exhibiting for the first time at SCUP 2023 in Cleveland, OH

The annual SCUP (Society for College and University Planning) conference is a highly anticipated event that brings together professionals from the world of higher education planning. Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) is set to exhibit at the SCUP 2023 Annual Conference from July 30th to August 1st 2023, for the first time showcasing our premiere video capture software and solutions for training and skill development.

Visit the IVS booth to see how our video capture solutions can aid the planning and building efforts that encompass video and audio learning environments. Empowering educators with advanced video training and observation solutions as they develop new spaces and learning environments. IVS is at the forefront of video-based learning, offering solutions designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Over the past few years, Intelligent Video Solutions has worked with an increasing number of Architects, Engineers, and Consultants during the planning phases of new educational buildings. Organizations such as Yale, Alamo District Collages, SE Community College, and West Chester University have engaged with IVS during the planning phases of large, consolidated Health Sciences buildings.  The VALT solution is uniquely positioned to provide video capture and observation to many different educational and skills-based programs on a centralized architecture.  Our team of AV experts assists the designers with exacting specifications so that each group of end users is highly satisfied with the system while coming in on time and on budget.

With IVS's intuitive solutions programs can enhance learning outcomes, advanced video capture and management systems that enable educators to easily record and share feedback, provide access for peer review and self-reflection, and reinforce key concepts. Features like annotations, and searchable video indexed and transcripts empower users to manage content by department, course, class and or student and quickly find videos and key moments of reflection. This makes learning more effective and engaging.

Leveraging scalable video technology that can grow with the changes at institutions is key to planning spaces for future use. Through a centralized architecture organizations can easily add cameras and new video recording spaces with our video capture solution. It can be hosted on one server that can manage 50 cameras and up to 400 streams with unlimited users. Add units to effectively scale and maintain complete administrative control over the entire system and its individual contents all while creating unique custom-tailored experiences for every department and use case.

Unique reporting tools give instructors powerful analysis into the progression of individual students but also as a whole to identify trends. This data empowers planners and administrators to make informed decisions, optimize space utilization, and create more engaging learning environments.

IVS understands that effective planning and efficient use of campus spaces are essential for the success of higher education institutions. Through pioneering technology, a comprehensive suite of video-based learning and skill development solutions, and long-standing partnerships, IVS strides to deliver the future of higher education planning and sustainable development strategies.

Learn more about our technology and services, from software, servers, and additional accessories that help fit any environment with efficient video capture solutions.


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Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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