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Introducing ROAM: Portable Video Capture for a Mobile World

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS), an industry-leading video capture solution provider for higher education, healthcare and law enforcement, has launched ROAM, a new line of portable audio-video solutions. The first product is ROAM: Portable, a battery-powered unit that can be quickly deployed for on-the-go video capture.

The new ROAM: Portable satisfies the growing demand for a high-quality, mobile video capture solution that provides maximum flexibility and security for enterprise clients.

“We live in a mobile world,” said IVS President Kevin Marti. “Our customers are training, performing research and conducting confidential interviews in the field and need a simple and secure video solution that will go with them wherever they need to work.”

Everything You Need to Capture Sessions Anywhere

ROAM: Portable is designed to offer rapid deployment and accessibility for capturing simulated events, interviews, training or assessments in a variety of environments, providing you with everything you need to capture and review sessions anywhere. This lightweight, feature-packed bundle includes:

  • Laptop with 2TB of storage (SSD), Core i7 CPU and 16GB RAM
  • VALT software
  • 1080p wireless camera(s) with integrated microphones
  • Battery pack(s) for camera(s)
  • Carrying case
  • Camera mount(s)

VALT 5.5 Delivers Powerful Benefits to Users

Video is a proven tool to better educate, train, connect and protect organizations everywhere. VALT, IVS’ innovative flagship software, empowers users to create and manage their own video database.

ROAM: Portable expands on those capabilities by providing a flexible solution that can be deployed in any environment. Exciting use cases include hospital in-situ observation and research, in-the-field EMT training, clinical skills development for in-home care and mobile interview recording for law enforcement.

With the recent release of VALT version 5.5, users enjoy powerful benefits that competitors’ standalone portable systems don’t offer.

“We are rolling out a new feature called VALT Synch, which allows our enterprise customers to automatically synchronize multiple video databases to a central location,” said Dustin Stern, Vice President of Engineering at IVS. “For ROAM: Portable, this means both the video and the session data captured on the portable solution will be available to all permission-based users once synched.”

The launch of ROAM: Portable is just the beginning of this exciting new line. The next wave of ROAM products is already in development and includes a wired version with higher-quality cameras and audio capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about ROAM: Portable, schedule a one-on-one demo to see it in action.

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