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IVS will be at the 40th International Symposium on Child Abuse

Intelligent Video Solutions will be exhibiting video-audio software tools at the 40th International Symposium on Child Abuse in Huntsville, AL from March 18th through 19th.

This event seeks to create an opportunity for connection and collaboration of the multidisciplinary team in the field of child maltreatment including prevention, treatment, prosecution, and research. Child abuse professionals also learn essential techniques to manage the impacts of vicarious trauma.

Intelligent Video Solutions is excited to be a continuing part of this annual event where we will showcase our state-of-the-art video software tool, VALT, and how simple secure video observation and recording improves interviews in child abuse cases and law enforcement sessions.

With VALT users can easily observe and record sessions either in software or with room controls, quickly find case-related information, and clip and share the exact content needed. Through a centralized solution empowers departments to capture, manage, store, and utilize video from a single resource with unlimited users and streams.

With our innovative tools, organizations can streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and extract valuable insights from their video content. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with us at booth 27.

Join us at the 40th International Symposium on Child Abuse to discover the future of video learning technology and see how Intelligent Video Solutions can elevate your outcomes. Contact us to speak with an IVS representative or Schedule a demo of VALT today!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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