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Valt Version 3.2 Released

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our flagship video software application is available today! Version 3.2 has been released and we’ve added a bunch of great new features that we think you’ll enjoy using. Here are just a few of the major items that we’ve added:

Advanced Filtering: Create user specific filters that can be used under the review and schedule sections of the application to narrow results.  You can filter by information, author, rooms, date or date range.

Video Uploading: Upload any mp4 file, tag it with searchable information and assign user access.

External Links: Within the sharing section of our application users can now create an external link to a specific video.  This allows users to share the video with with people who do not have access to the application. These links can also be embedded in 3rd party applications allowing for direct access to the video.

Password Management: Users can now manage and modify their own password.

PDF / CVS Export: Within the review, schedule, and log sections users can now export the results to pdf or cvs files for reporting purposes.

General Administration: A new general section has been added within the administration portion of the application.  This gives users a global view of storage space remaining on each server.

Offline Player: We have released our first version of an offline player. It is designed to playback multiple video files back in a synchronized fashion. It also allows users to digital zoom in to areas during playback.

About Us

Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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