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IVS will be sponsoring the 2022 ANCDS Annual Scientific Meeting

Intelligent Video Solutions is excited to once again be sponsoring the virtual 2022 ANCDS Annual Scientific Meeting on November 16th.

The ANCDS (Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences) works to ensure that every person affected by neurologic communication disorders receives the highest quality clinical services.

During the event, participants can attend seminars presented by some of the most esteemed experts in Neurologic Communication Disorders and sciences. This year's theme is focused on "Right Hemisphere Disorders" and the keynote lectures discuss the sciences, methods, and practices to improve education, identify, and treat RHDs. Those who attend the entire individual lecture can receive variable/partial credit for up to 0.55 ASHA CEUs. Below are the lecture topics throughout the day :

  • Empathy and Emotional Communication after Right Hemisphere Stroke
  • Intersectionality of Race and Right Hemisphere Brain Damage
  • Are you REDI for “Heterogeneity”?
  • Neural Correlates of Aprosdia in RHD and Treatment Implications
  • Using the RHDBank to Advance Understanding of Discourse after RHD
  • Apragmatism

At the end of the day, all keynote speakers will partake in a panel discussion to summarize current shortcomings of education about right hemisphere brain damage the impact of apragmatic deficits, and propose steps that can be taken to improve education and clinical care.

To see the complete schedule click here: 2022 ANCDS 

Video is an invaluable tool for observing and assessing clinical SLP education and training sessions. Whether it be for recording, live observation, or debriefing, having a reliable and user-friendly system is essential.

IVS supports training and skill development for students in neurologic communications disorder programs through our video-audio software. VALT helps improve observe and record future speech-language pathologists and communication disorder specialist's during clinical sessions. 

To learn more about the 2022 ANCDS Annual Scientific Meeting and view the full program of events, click here.



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