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IVS will be virtually exhibiting at IPSSV2022

Intelligent Video Solutions is excited to sponsor and exhibit virtually at IPSSV2022 Human Factors in Pediatric Simulation: Creating Safer Care on November 9th.


ISPSS (International Pediatric Simulation Society) is a community organization that consists of pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric nurses, advanced practice providers, educators, and other allied health professionals dedicated to improving the care of infants and children through multi-disciplinary, simulation-based education, training, and research in pediatric simulation.

This year's virtual event will focus on the Human Factors in Pediatric Simulation. It will include 3 expert keynote speakers, Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to participate in the panel discussion with those keynotes. They will highlight how the human factors approach in pediatric simulation can help gain a deeper understanding of the design, systems, and processes that hamper the effectiveness of patient care. Attendees will be able to receive continuing education CE credits after completing an evaluation after the symposium.

IPSSV2022 Speakers include: 

Laura Militello, MA - She helped establish the Naturalistic Decision Making Association and is co-host of the Naturalistic Decision Making podcast. She has been developing strategies to support people who make decisions under stress for over 30 years.

Robyn Clay-Williams BEng, PhD - an internationally regarded health services researcher and a leading exponent of Resilient Health Care. Robyn leads a research stream at the Australian Institute of Health and Innovation, Macquarie University, in the field of human factors and resilience in health care. She has a 2019 TEDx talk on human factors available on TED.com.

Nicole Yamada, MD, MS - is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine, Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University. She also has a Master of Science in Human Factors and Ergonomics from San Jose State University.



Video can play an important role in identifying areas of improvement within-in learning environments. Our ability to visually process information makes video an opportunity to gain increased levels of productivity in preparing future healthcare professionals. It also can help educators leverage better methods for feedback through self and peer review. When simulation sessions are complimented with video we can create better learning outcomes. This coincides with identifying the human factors at play that can be improved to implement better workflows and processes. 

We are proud to be a platinum sponsor for this event, as we strive to help learners provide better care to children by becoming better equipped to handle realistic human factors through video and audio training in pediatric simulation. Our premiere A/V software, VALT, helps enhance the training and skill development of those in healthcare simulation with easy-to-use, secure, and custom workflows. Through VALT's smart features you can improve knowledge retention, increase engagement, and help gain deeper insights into how human factors play a role in the ability to provide exceptional patient care.

We help your program stay efficient and operational with fewer pieces of hardware equaling fewer points of failure.  IVS has experienced professionals that provide full implementation evaluation, on-site installation, training, and continued support to ensure your system work how you need it when you need it. VALT is also built with the highest degree of data encryption and user permissions only the right individuals have access to the right content, helping your process stay compliant with HIPAA and FERPA standards.



Contact us today to get a free custom demo of VALT and see how simple, secure video software can help improve your pediatric simulation environments with enhanced learning and training workflows. Check out more information about IPSSV2022 here for a full schedule list and information on the keynote speakers. 





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