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IVS Demonstrates Video Solution at IMSH 2017

Intelligent Video Solutions Demonstrates Easy To Use – Secure – Affordable Video Platform for Medical Simulation at IMSH 2017.

IMSH is the world’s premier international conference for healthcare simulation. The event is sponsored by SSH – Society for Simulation in Healthcare and attracts experts in medical simulation from around the globe. This year’s conference was held in Orlando at the Hyatt Convention Center January 28th-February 1st. In total more than 34 countries were represented at this year’s conference. The annual meetings focus is to share advances in technology, education, and community awareness pertaining to medical simulation.

A very important technology in most medical simulation applications is video observation and recording. Video is used to monitor training participants and is typically recorded along with data from patient displays so that participants and trainers can “debrief” the training session and gain valuable insight into improving medical care by the participants.

Very often these video systems can be difficult and hard to use and require dedicated highly trained technical individuals to operate them. The IVS team demonstrated at the conference how its VALT video platform is a perfect fit for those users who require an easy to use video simulation recording and debriefing solution. In fact Steve Jacobson, Vice President of Sales for IVS, commented “We have built the easiest to use, most secure, affordable video solution in this space. If that is what you are looking for you have come to the right place.”

The fact is there are numerous organizations that are providing simulation training to their students and staff but do not have large technology budgets and dedicated personnel in their centers which many systems require. “These organizations need a solution like VALT, that is why were at IMSH”, says Jacobson “We were at IMSH to offer an affordable video simulation recording and debriefing system that works great for their application.”

Valt is simple and intuitive to use and can be used by non-technical staff. Training for the average user is 15 minutes or less. Valt is affordable as it is licensed by the numbers of cameras connected to the system. Since the software is a perpetual license and yearly maintenance costs are nominal, the total cost of ownership is low.

Inherent within medical simulation training is the need for security. Organizations deploying video debriefing systems need to make sure that only the right people have access to the live and recorded video information. IVS demonstrated at the conference that Valt contains multiple technologies to help secure both data and video content. The security features built into VALT include: encryption of both data and video, LDAP integration, extensive user and group rights and permissions, access control and a robust audit log.

VALT is a web based video platform that is being used throughout the world for not only medical simulation training but also clinical skills training, clinical research, behavioral research forensic video capture and much more. The VALT solution is being used by over 100 Universities and Healthcare organizations worldwide. The IVS team has been building and supporting intelligent video solutions for over 16 years. For more information on VALT and IVS you may visit their website at ipivs.com


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