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IVS Demonstrates Video Solution at AALS 2017 Conference

Law School Clinics and Courtroom Simulation Applications 

Intelligent Video Solutions attended The American Association of Law Schools (AALS) annual conference which was held in San Francisco, California January 3-7. The conference provides an opportunity for its 180 member law schools staff to attend numerous educational seminars on a wide variety of issues in training and equipping the next generation of law professionals.

One of the hottest topics in higher education today is experiential learning. Experiential learning is defined by Wikipedia as: “The process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as learning through reflection and doing.” Wikipedia further state: “Hands on learning is a form of experiential learning but does not necessarily involve students reflecting on their product.”

In order to build out their experiential learning offering most of the leading law schools have opened up and operate numerous types of legal clinics. These clinics provide discounted and in many cases free legal services to the public and allow students to gain practical hands on experience. In fact a 90 minute luncheon was held at AALS in order to discuss this important topic.

Intelligent Video Solutions demonstrated at the conference how their Valt video solution is a perfect fit for law clinics and law school simulation applications. Valt allows faculty to supervise live and mock client interactions with high definition network cameras and record and manage those sessions with ease. These recordings are then easily reviewable by both the student and the facilitator providing a perfect opportunity for reflective conversation about the experience. Valt is a great tool for helping Universities build out and improve their experiential learning capabilities.

IVS also demonstrated at the conference its new Beam product offering which IVS released in 2016. Beam turns any IOS device into a mobile clinic video recording solution. This allows educators to use off the shelf iPhones and iPads in their clinical applications and at the same time provide the necessary management and security of the video content. Beam fills the need for educators who desire to record students at off premise locations yet secure and manage those recordings using Valt.

Valt by IVS is a leading video platform to help teach clinical skills to students. Valt is used in numerous types of applications including: psychology, counseling, speech therapy, early childhood education, pharmacy, social work and many more. With Valt Universities are able to deploy a single platform for their numerous clinics, providing each department with their own experience and security of content, yet simplify the deployment and management of the video systems through one common platform.


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