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Announcing VALT

Valt is a New Video Observation and Recording System With Enhanced Live View and Security Capabilities.  IVS, a leading video solutions provider for higher education, medical simulation, law enforcement and private clinical markets, today released a redesigned turn-key solution. Valt empowers users to create and manage their own video database without extensive support and resources. This intuitive, powerful, browser based solution enables users to observe live video sessions (treatment, training, simulations or interviews), create a recording and tag it with relevant data to search for and review from any computer. Valt can be reliably and securely integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure.
Enhanced Live View and Security Features IVS redesigned their capture solution to better address ever increasing data security concerns and live observation requirements. Valt now features:

  • Fully redesigned appliance hardware optimized for video capture featuring enterprise class back end OS and application components
  • Open architecture, secure, license free client access from any authorized web browser
  • Full encryption (SSL, RTMPS) of all server/client traffic, video streams and recordings
  • LDAP integration for existing enterprise user management
  • Enhanced live view matrix to include up to 9 live streams
  • Digital zoom on live view and playback
  • User Centric Features with IT Approved Architecture

The Valt solution is the evolution of over 15 years of experience working with and truly listening to both End Users and IT. It has become increasingly difficult for enterprise technology teams to source a solution that meets the needs of the end users, satisfies complex security concerns and fits increasingly constrained budgets. “Our latest platform features the back end applications that IT expects from an enterprise solution” said Dustin Stern, VP of Engineering at Intelligent Video Solutions. “Our software development team has really focused on adding and enhancing features that increase the effectiveness of our end users critical functions, while giving IT peace of mind that their video system is meeting security standards”.
About Intelligent Video Solutions
IVS develops software that enables end users to leverage the power of video to increase their programs (health sciences, communicative disorders, counseling, psychology, nursing, pharmacy and law enforcement) effectiveness. IVS pairs the Valt solution with best in class IP camera, audio capture and multimedia devices to custom design and fully install a turnkey solution. Driven by the goal to deliver excellence in all phases of a project and backed by 15 years of experience the team at Intelligent Video Solutions can meet any challenge.

About Us

Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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