Wowza & IVS Technology Partner Webinar

Transform Your IP Cameras into a Reliable, Secure, and High-Quality Video Streaming Solution

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Q&A Transcript

Q: Can you control PTZ for any IP camera or just Axis cameras?
A: We can support practically any IP/network camera that transmits over the RTSP protocol and H.264/AAC video and audio. For PTZ, we currently only support Axis and certain Sony IP/network cameras as part of the Works With Wowza partner program.

Q: How many camera feeds can one Wowza server handle?
A: For some deployment examples check out

Q: So once you have plumbed an Axis camera into Wowza, how do you control the PTZ from the end-users browser (without VALT). Is there a Wowza API that exposes this control?
A: Currently not, but we are considering adding this functionality into our API in the future.

Q: For streaming to mobile devices, which protocol is used and how much delay between live stream and mobile device?
A: Apple HLS is the most popular protocol used for streaming to iOS and Android mobile. Because it is an HTTP protocol, you can expect 20-30 seconds of latency. Check out our guide to reduce latency:

Q: For the IVS solution, can the class instructor manage the student list of users?
A: Yes, its very easy to add and manage the users. We can even integrate with the Active Directory server to pull those users in and use their standard logins.

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