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IVS exhibiting at the 2022 ASPE Conference this June in New Orleans

IVS is excited to exhibit VALT at the 2022 Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) Conference in New Orleans on June 26th through June 28th.


The ASPE conference is an annual event dedicated to developing the methodology of using standardized patients in training clinicians. ASPE improves SP education, assessment, and research through promotion of best practices, fostering research and advancing the professional knowledge and skills of its members in affiliates. The annual conference allows these professionals to share and connect providing advancing knowledge to attendees. 


Simulated patients are used in medical education to accurately represent as close as possible an actual patient for testing clinical students on treatment process in a repeatable way. They are coached to present body language, physical findings, along with the emotional and personality characteristics of a patient with a certain aliments.


Educators have increased the use of standardized patients as they see more teaching opportunities presented as well as better way to test a students performance. There are two terms associated with the SP acroynmn used interchangeably as standardized patient and simulated patient. The standardized patient is portrayed in a higher stakes assessment where consistency and accuracy of the behavior are more important to give each student a fair and equal chance. Simulated patients are for more formative educational environments where SPs can respond with more authenticity and flexibility to the needs of the learners.


As SPs are growing in popularity in medical education to better train students pairing this video has become an exponentially integrated in these assessments as well. Video observation and recording allows both student and trainer opportunities that would have otherwise been missed in a exclusive live setting. Video recordings provide permenat review for that student to see themselve perform certain skills for increased rentention. It also provides trainers a 3rd person perspective and provides details they may have otherwise missed during live observation. 


IVS's premiere video and observation tool, VALT, is the ideal solution for assessments involving SPs. With VALT trainers can record and observe multple sessions from multiple views on their desktop. All students recordings can be securly held on a VALT server organized with indexed information for quick access. The trainer can mark certain points of importance in the recordings with annotaions for detailed feedback for the student to see later. Videos can be instantly watched back after sessions for more immeditae feedback.

VALT makes every part of a SP assessment more efficient with up to 50 cameras can be used from one server freeing up resources and eliminating unneccessary hardware. Custom interface views and schdueling features that allow preset fields that fit the workflow of your learning environment make using VALT is simple and quick.

Check out how VALT can improve student outcomes at ASPE or click the link here to schedule a demo.


Click the link below to find out how the right audio/video capture solution enhances healthcare training and higher education.

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