Introducing ROAM: Mobile Carts

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) launches ROAM Carts: a new line of mobile video capture carts that includes two options: a tablet cart and a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cart.

The tablet cart provides a mobile platform to house tablets that use BEAM. The PTZ camera cart provides the full capture and observation power of VALT.


Flexible Mobile Capture Features

The carts are lightweight mobile rolling carts for use with any VALT installation. They feature an ergonomic handle, a slender design for easy positioning, and four premium, non-marking, lockable casters.

The PTZ camera cart includes the ability to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the HD camera through the VALT software, a built-in high-quality microphone positioned in the center of the cart for an exceptional audio pickup, as well as an ethernet cable network connection.

ROAM carts offer rapid deployment and accessibility for capturing simulated events, interviews, training, or assessments in a variety of environments, and provide you with everything you need to capture and review sessions from anywhere. 

Product Demensions & Specs:

  • Base of Top Pole: 68.7”H
  • Tall Extension Pole: 29.2”L
  • Base to Handle: 39.5”H
  • Large Utility Box: 5”W x 8.6”L x 2.3”D
  • Base length: 17.7” x 17.9”

Common Applications that can utilize ROAM Carts

Video is a proven tool to better educate, train, connect and protect organizations everywhere. VALT, IVS’ innovative flagship software, empowers users to create and manage their own video database.

Last year we came out with ROAM: Portable to expand VALT's capabilities for off-site video capture.. Now ROAM Carts offers mobility for on-site observation and recording.

Examples use cases that benefit from a mobile video cart:In situ Simulation

  • In situ simulation

  • Neo-Natal Resuscitation 

  • Resident Supervision

  • Family Observation

  • Rehab Gait Training

  • Distributed Focus Groups and Product Testing.

ROAM Carts from Intelligent Video Solutions extend the capabilities of high-quality of video and audio, so there is never a compromise to better outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning more about ROAM Carts, contact us today or request a quote today.

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