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IVS will be exhibiting at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) is excited to be exhibiting at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas June 8th - 10th.

InfoComm is an annual conference focused on Professional Audio and Video.

The largest collection of the latest innovative AV products and solutions on display such as audio, conferencing and collaboration, digital signage, content, production and streaming, video capture and production, control, and live events.

This conference not only presents the latest tools for AV Professionals but provides attendees with multiple training opportunities with over 100 hours of workshops, seminars, Manufacturers Training, three-day courses and free sessions on the Technology Innovation Stage.

Beyond these training sessions you'll be able to network with other like-minded individuals for a greater engaging experience.

During the event, we will be exhibiting our premiere observation and recording platform, VALT.

VALT, is a purpose-built A/V platform for research, training and developing skills. The VALT solution makes video observation and recording simple and effective yet provides powerful tools to meet all the confidentially and security needs.

This centralized system comes with less hardware which equals less maintenance. With VALT up to 50 IP 1080p cameras with unlimited users can watch up to 400 streaming sessions from a single 1U server. This frees up resources by providing the ability to support from one platform across multiple departments. All data is secure based on user/group permissions and TSL encryptions.

VALT's software features make it extremely easy to use and customizable based on the features needed. Schedule recordings in advance or on the fly within the interface or with record buttons. Customize the screen views from multiple cameras and multiple rooms. Views can also be adjusted with the touch of a mouse by zooming or moving a PTZ camera on your screen. Review section allows trainees and trainers the ability to provide feedback through markers that identify important moments that can later be indexed.  

VALT has made it mark in these learning environments.

1. Simulation

2. Clinical Skills

3.  Interview Recording

4. Higher Education & Training

5. Research

Our solution can fit the needs of many learning and training applications but the real value we provide is the collaboration to find the perfect solution for the best outcomes. Our service and installation teams will work with you to discover your workflow and processes. So that we can implement the right equipment in the right places and customize the system to fit your most important needs.

To learn more about InfoComm and view the full event details, click here.

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Our software empowers users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge.
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