Marquette College of Nursing Receives Scholarship Gifts to Address Growing Nursing Shortage

Amid growing concerns of nationwide nursing shortages, higher education institutions are seeking ways to support the student-nurse pipeline. Some of this support is coming from university nursing alumni that also see the widening mismatch between nurses and patients.

While there are many ways to support a college or university and the education of future medical professionals, the best way by far is to provide funds for student scholarships. With scholarships, students that may otherwise not be able to pursue a career in nursing due to financial constraints are now able to work toward their goal. This also ensures that students who are truly passionate about healthcare and helping others can become the future nurses of our world.

One nursing program that recently received generous funds for student scholarships was the College of Nursing at Marquette University.

The College of Nursing was gifted more than $6.3 million to provide scholarships for students pursuing an education in nursing. The funds were gifted by 2 Marquette nursing alumni Dorothy Krawcyzk and Alice Stecker as well as from the Helene Fuld Health Trust which gifted a $675,000 grant.

Thanks to these scholarships, Marquette University is able to welcome many more nursing students into their classrooms who otherwise may not be able to afford such an education. Marquette University is also able to train more non-traditional nursing students to join the workforce through its direct entry nursing program, which is designed for graduates who hold degrees in fields other than nursing. Classes for this program are offered on Marquette’s campus in Milwaukee and in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, which is a hybrid program with a combination of distance learning and in-person clinicals, skills labs and clinical simulations.

Clinical simulations are becoming a cornerstone to nursing education and help provide students who may not be ready for live patients with the opportunity to fully test their skills with an almost limitless number of medical scenarios.

But nowadays, the actual simulation is only one step of a well-rounded medical education. Video observation and review of a student’s own activity during debriefing or viewing scenarios of fellow peers can help students remain engaged, retain information, and be more satisfied with their education.

The VALT platform by Intelligent Video Solutions is a video observation and recording platform that is being used by many higher education institutions to help students learn in new and innovative ways. Best of all, the platform is secure and simple to use.

If you’re ready to take nursing education to a new level, take our video observation solution for a spin and see what it can do. Learn more about VALT by requesting a demo today!


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